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Hull Inspection

Hull Inspection

We inspect and assess a hull’s condition to ensure that a ship is seaworthy.

We deliver trusted and reliable hull inspection services in Singapore and Southeast Asia. With us, you can be privy to a comprehensive report by our well-equipped diving team, allowing you to take the necessary actions for your vessel.

Types of Hull Inspection:

  • ROV inspection
  • In-Water-Survey
  • Invasive Marine Species Survey
  • Dry Dock Extension Inspection
  • Propeller Drop Survey
  • Sea-bed Inspection
  • Sales and Purchase Inspection
  • Damage Inspection
  • Underwater Structure Inspection
  • Geotextile inspection

Did you know?

Studies show that even a slight biofouling can cause a speed loss of 0.5 knots, and up to 20% increase in water resistance and fuel consumption. This means that vessels carrying over 60 tonnes of fuel every day can lose around 3,000 tonnes of fuel every year.

Make the economical choice for your vessel today.